Co-Founders Paul and Jenni are married, live in Bath UK, and travel extensively throughout the UK and internationally. They have over 30 years of coaching, leadership and business experience in charities, multi-national companies and start-ups.


Their experience and expertise is different, but when put together it brings added insight and benefit to those they work with.


They combine the power and effectiveness of the LIFE Languages™, coaching and leadership training, with their insights and experience of life inside charities and businesses, to help individuals, teams, companies and organisations BE all they are meant to be, THEN DO what they are truly meant to do.


It was on their journey of discovering the importance of being understood and appreciated in the work place and at home, that they realised this is such a driving force within each one of us.


Being understood and appreciated is a deep human NEED.


This understanding is at the very centre of every good relationship, team, company and family … and we ignore or dismiss it at our peril.


By understanding, embracing and meeting these NEEDS we feel part of, and enjoy a culture that recognises the importance of our internal well being.


In return we reward this acknowledgement with positive and profitable work and relationships.


It is their desire to help as many people as possible to “Live a Life of Passion on Purpose” at work and at home.


Isn't that what we want?


That is what they love to do!


Paul Nedoszytko




Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do.



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