For us it is all about relationships.


Our passion is to work with anyone who wants a deeper and more personal relationship with God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and others.


We do this through our seminars, workshops, schools, and one-on-one coaching both face-to-face and online. If you don’t see what you are looking for below, please contact us - we may still be able to help.


Seminars, schools and workshops:


• The Father’s love for us (intimacy and identity); Jesus – the price paid on the Cross for us; the Holy Spirit – power for living.

• Principles of the Kingdom: the power and freedom of forgiveness; renewing your mind; living without judgement; etc

How to hear from God for yourself and others – teaching and practical workshop

Godly communication and the LIFE Languages™

Identity, Culture and Calling – discovering your destiny and being a person of influence in the 7 Mountains


Spiritual Life and Business/Ministry coaching


We use the LIFE Languages™ and other coaching tools, as well as our own experience to work with:


Churches, ministries, organisations and businesses (leadership teams)


• Team building

• Management styles – how to manage others effectively

Leadership styles – how to recognise and work with them

How to resolve conflict quickly and effectively

Developing strategy and creating a culture


Individuals and couples


• Couples coaching – helping couples understand each other and communicate well

• How to quickly and effectively resolve conflict at work and home

Career assessment and advice

Dreams, passions and callings


Kingdom Business Schools:


• What the bible says about business

• Ownership and purpose

• Finance

• Human Resources

• Having a Strategy - planning

• Business excellence

• The role of the prophetic in business.


We are continuously developing our seminars, workshops and coaching programmes so please contact us to see how we can help you.



Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do.



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