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Our Mission:

To help individuals, couples, teams and organisations BE who they truly are, so they can THEN DO what they are truly made for and…

“Live a Life of Passion on Purpose”

Our aim is to help people discover their identity as sons and daughters of the Father, live with a Kingdom perspective, love what they do, and enjoy His rest, peace and joy.

That doesn’t mean we just rest, do nothing and enjoy His presence (wonderful as that is) - quite the contrary. We fully engage with Him (heart, mind and body) to live the life He offers us. “Love the Lord your God will all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind” – Luke 10:27.

And He fully engages with us:


• He cares about us

• He loves to connect with and encourage us

He has a plan for our lives and loves being with us as we live it

He gives us resources to manage well and loves our giving and hospitality

He is interested in what and how we think

He gives us things to do and trusts us to do them well

He always has new and creative things for us to do and He himself is our Standard.


It is because we love Him that we serve Him and His body.


It is the reality of BEing His sons and daughters that motivates us to DO what He asks and what we are made for.


By helping each person BE who they truly are, they can THEN DO what they are truly made for and live a life of passion on purpose.


We do this through a variety of seminars, workshops, and private sessions both face-to-face and online.


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Discover WHY you THINK, FEEL and ACT the way you do.




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